Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Impact of the Digital Age on Imagination

Author and renowned storyteller, Laura Simms, has a lot to say about the need for imagination in our world. Her perspective is a powerful reminder that imagination is critical. But here's what got me--she talks about the impact that the digital age is having on imagination.

She says, "Imagination is essential. It keeps alive our access to embodied compassion, inner reflection and delight. In these times of dependence on digital communication, it is important to find ways to enliven imagination, make meaning, and drench ourselves and/or our children in the visceral delight of sharing our stories."

It makes one wonder...are we allowing enough free time for kids and adults to use their imaginations free of outside influence such as licensed products? Do we encourage creative thinking where thoughtful, even deep questions, are encouraged?

The digital age often bombards us with information. Much of it is useful. But too much of it crowds out our ability to think, feel, and question. It may be that many of us need less time in front of the computer and more time in front of other human beings and in nature where our minds can be freer to think creatively.

We need space, and imagination is like the space between the digits of our digital world.