Thursday, January 31, 2013

Think-a-lot Toys Licensed to Continuum Games

Big news! (...and a bit late since so much has been going on.) 

Last fall, Think-a-lot Toys made the decision to license its line of games to a wonderful, family-game company called Continuum Games. For five years, we strove to be a thoughtful and creative game company that focused on imagination and storytelling games. We grew from making one small game called Think-ets to making a full line of Think-ets, which included different colors, sizes and themes--and then we added a suite of other storytelling games to round out the line up.

But we were small and needed someone else to take it to a wider audience. So, we made the decision to license our games to Continuum Games. We think they will do a wonderful job at this. Already, our line of "toys and games that make you think" is nicely integrated into their line of "family games to bring families together". It's great when the new owner not only likes the product but loves it and is truly excited about moving it forward.

So now, the story continues with Continuum Games. And, we hope it will be a good one.

PS- If you like Think-ets or want to see something developed, don't hesitate to contact Continuum Games with your thoughts.

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