Monday, April 25, 2011

Think-ets and StoryPlay Cards as Writing Prompts

Sometimes it just takes a little thing to get us motivated. A word said. A gesture made. Or even a miniature given. Teachers have found that using tactile objects or illustrated cards are a wonderful way to get kids out of their inertia and into a whole world of their imaginations--and Think-ets and StoryPlay Cards have been a fun way to get kids thinking and then writing.

Teachers love having these two classroom tools in their classroom because of how they can spark their imaginations and get them going on writing a story. Writing can sometimes be a tedious job when you just can't think about what to write about. Most of us have had writer's block. But having a little story prompt, like a Think-ets trinket or a StoryPlay Card, can launch kids into the unknown and get them writing.

How does it work? Theoretically, it works because we are often motivated by something that triggers not only our minds but also our hearts. Emotion is a great driver for a story. When kids connect with a Think-ets trinkets or StoryPlay Card, they do so because they love what they choose because it has some meaning for them. It connect with something in their emotional worlds. And then, they can begin to write about something meaningful to them.

Practically, it works like this. Lay out your set of Think-ets trinkets or StoryPlay Cards and have kids pick one that they like. If you have time, get them to talk in pairs with a partner about why they picked the object or card and what it reminded them of. Many kids love having time to talk about it with someone else before they get started. It further fuels their creative juices.

Parents who want their kids to be more imaginative love these tools. And, it works equally as well for adults as with kids, though adults may prefer the StoryPlay Cards to miniatures.

We all know the power that imagination has on our lives. It creates new ideas, new products, new jobs, even whole new industries. It can also combat boredom and help in resolving conflicts. But perhaps best of all, it creates tons of fun.